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Sticky: Fic Masterpost and Journal Intro

October 16th, 2020 (01:16 am)
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Thank you for venturing into my journal. Below are the fics I currently have up here. For more of my fanfiction, feel free to visit the links to your right. Or check the tags link to find art, icons, or search by fandom. Happy reading!

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Fanfiction Wishlist Meme

April 24th, 2017 (01:28 pm)

I'm borrowing this from the lovely daria234.

Instead of picking 5 people to tag - if you see this meme and want to do it, consider yourself tagged! (Though I know patriciatepes will want to do this one.)

• List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes/exchanges/etc which haven't been fulfilled.

• When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
-Talk about if you are also interested in this type of fic/think this pairing would be fun.
- Nothing - it's just a wishlist! It's a conversations starter and just for fun.

• There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated. Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to any requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

• There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

TO REITERATE: this is not a "request" list but a "wish" list, if anything inspires you and you want to write it, I'd be super happy, but I'm not trying to fish for people to write my dream fic here, it's just in good fun.

And if by some miracle more than one person would like to write for the same prompt, go for it--I know the stories will be different and awesome in their own distinct way.

My fic preferences: Prefer no scat, watersports, extreme underage, ABO, incest, Mpreg, or High School/Coffee Shop type AUs. I DO love rare pairs and all ratings/genres, everything from gen fics to smut wonderlands.

My list:


1.) Jody Mills is awesome, and I would like to see more of her adventures. If she hooks up with someone along the way, that's fine too. I like her with almost anyone (like seriously, I could see a fic with her Crowley, Dean, Bobby's ghost, a crossover character--you get the drift.)

Teen Wolf

2.) A Derek Hale/Chris Argent story. Preferably one that could fit in the canon. And bonus points if there's an actual storyline with good character studies instead of just sex. But also I've never said no to a simple one-shot of angry sex. I just love the complicated history between these two families, and I think they make for a fun dynamic.

3.) Non-con/dub-con, BadTouch!Peter Hale/ Stiles Stilinski (maybe with a side order of Stile/Malia or Stiles/Lydia) in which something goes down between Stiles/Peter and Peter manipulates Stiles into thinking he'll lose all his friends if Peter tells them about it, including Malia and Lydia. Peter relishes in having this kind of power over Stiles, making him miserable, but his friends finally see through it. Little hurt/comfort would be nice.

Supernatural/True Blood

4.) A Dean/Sookie. Because he's the guy sitting at the table with Sookie in that Epilogue moment at the end of the True Blood series. Why not?

5.) In which an angel or fairy decides the only way to fix the world is to put Sam and Dean in another one, similiar but where angels and demons won't be able to find them and use them. Maybe Cas and/or Benny get sent there with them. Maybe the angel has been kind enough to even provide them a home/paperwork/background in this world. They land there, and after the initial shock, realize vampires are "out of the coffin" here. Which gets funnier every time Dean thinks about it.

Harry Potter

6.) A canon Draco Malfoy, post-Hogwarts story showing how Draco coped with the consequences of picking the wrong side most of his life. How he becomes a (slightly) better person after the bitterness, and why. Maybe even how he (re)connects with his future wife. I've always wanted to write this story, but never had the chance or the willpower.


7.) Lex/Clark (one-sided). A dark, AU human 'verse look at the story from the very beginning. What if Clark is really just a human boy? What if Lex is a disturbed young man who had become fixated on Clark and invented this entire alien conspiracy? From the car accident onward is all in Lex's head, but he's very good at hiding how delusional he is. Could go very dark or even in a dubcon/noncon land, or it could remain Gen with the stalking based entirely on the fixation. (I'm not hugely into the Smallville fandom, but I would just love to see a story like this...because I have scary thoughts and watch too much Criminal Minds, I suppose.)

Supernatural/Game of Thrones

8.) In learning about Purgatory, the Winchesters and Castiel get a lesson about its creation. Such as the mother of dragons was literally the Mother of Dragons. And also, Purgatory used to look a lot different before God turned it into the afterlife destination for all monsters. Of course, they don't just read this out of a book. They get drop kicked into a place called Westeros to learn about it first hand. Oh, wouldn't it be glorious, a meeting between Tyrion and the Winchesters, or Castiel and Daenerys?

Marvel Movie Universe/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

9.) Buffy/Bucky. Showdown? Breakdown? Either way, I'm down. Bonus if Steve is involved or becomes involved in the story in some way.

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Supernatural Fic - "Uneasy Lies the Head" (Crowley, Sam) - 1/1

April 19th, 2017 (12:21 pm)

Well, hello there, darlings! I just realized that this year has been a slow one for my fics. I've written a bit on a couple of fics, but I haven't actually posted anything here in many moons. Sad, isn't it? So, what better way to kick off some fanfic fun than a cross-post of my newly revealed spnspringfling work "Uneasy Lies the Head" (about 2500 words) written through Crowley's POV. I basically used all my prompts and ended up with a fun conversation between Sam and Crowley. Or, well, I think it's fun. There are manacles involved, so...

There were many great stories and artworks posted this year. Do check out the spring fling masterpost when you get a chance.

Title: Uneasy Lies the Head
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Crowley
Genre: prisoner/tortured H/C, character study
Words: 2500
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. Written for fun, not profit. Also, I don't own that gif up above.

Summary: They're trapped, the cavalry isn't coming, and Crowley has to decide whether to give himself a bit more time or keep Sam Winchester from de-aging into a fetus. Winchesters have an annoying way of complicating matters.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crownCollapse )

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Buffy Icons for Character 20in20

April 15th, 2017 (12:33 pm)

buffy diag1.png buffy xover1.png buffy_daunting.png

Buffy Summers has probably had a bigger impact on me than any other tv character ever, so to celebrate her I created a few icons for the character20in20 round. Enjoy!

Notes: For "Cross Quote", I had a hard time trying to choose a shorter quote, so I just went with a longer one. I chose a quote by Dean Winchester, because, okay, I love Spike and Angel, but if she ever met Dean Winchester I think they'd live a sweet life together, all apple pie and decapitation. <3  For "Easter", I went with a color combo that reminded me of coloring eggs. The "Video" icon was based on the prompt, "Into the Black" by Chromatics. "Fav Scene"--well, I couldn't pick just one at first, but I decided the Prom scene where Buffy is given the umbrella by her classmates and voted "Class Protector" still gave me the warm-n-fuzzies.

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Supernatural Icons - Castiel for Character20n20

March 11th, 2017 (12:47 pm)

Cas15.png Cas25.png Cas25.png

Today I have a batch of Castiel icons created for this month's character20n20, dedicated to patriciatepes. I decided to, for my Artist's Choice, focus on my favorite angel's manpain. I hope you enjoy. As usual, comments are great, and feel free to use these.

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Happy Birthday, PatriciaTepes!

March 8th, 2017 (01:20 am)

The rest of my f-list might not know (or care), but my very best friend in the world is the always amazing patriciatepes. See, I can say that here without my other wonderful RL lovies getting mad at me for putting up the official ranking. :D Today is her birthday, and she deserves far more than pic-spam, but, onward...

Dear Trish,

I hope you have an wonderful, wonderful birthday. I know I'll see you later today, but in the meantime, to keep you spirits high, and make you feel forever young, here are a few of your favorite things to further prove that fandom will always have a special place in our friendship.

Your loyal partner in crime,

And since we're on the subject of crime...who says the dark side can't cheer you up? Let's get the gang together, shall we?

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The Witch of Las Vegas - Arrow, Zatanna Art for Heroine Bang

February 28th, 2017 (01:02 pm)

Fan of Zatanna Zatara? Fan of Arrow? Then here's a fic for you.

I had the chance to make an art piece for Guineamania's lovely story The Witch of Las Vegas for the heroinebigbang. It was super late, but the posting schedule was kinda...off last round. Anyhow, here's the summary for The Witch of Las Vegas, and the cover art I created for it. Go check out the story if it's your cuppa.


Oliver Queen needs some more mystical assistance and with Constantine out of the country he has to call in a favour with one of the exorcist's friends. The Witch of Las Vegas is one of the strongest sorcerers in the world and she agrees to help them with their Darhk problem. But none of them can do it on their own.

Felicity doesn't like Zatanna and she is sure the other woman doesn't like her either but maybe seeing herself through the eyes of someone else will help her become stronger.

Artist notes: The image I used as my Zatanna reference was a cosplayer, and I'd totally link that image, but it seems I've misplaced it in my folders. Perhaps it was the obvious route, but I couldn't resist trying to give the title a bit of "Las Vegas" flair, so I free-handed an attempt at a famous Vegas sign (minimalist version-kinda).

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Just to clarify, I'm not dead

February 6th, 2017 (09:30 pm)


Hey, everyone! I'm still alive. I know I haven't been very active of late. I took a short break to work on some original fiction, to procrastinate about working on some original fiction, to eat too much during the holidays, and to scream internally over the political climate of my country...All that jazz.

Anyhow. I'm dying to get back to the really important things in life: FANDOM. Like, fandom might actually be the only thing keeping me sane. Sane-ish. I know I don't have many readers here on LJ, but for the sake of my fake sanity, I thought it would be helpful for me to post a small list of things I'm working on or going to be working on. At some point. Like sometime between this month and five years from now.

So here's a list of some stuff I might be writing soon. Let me hear your thoughts.

* I See A Darkness (WIP) - I haven't updated in, oh, five years ;) But I have a doc open, I have scenes written, I have outlines being stared at on a regular basis. So, I'm actually working on this Criminal Minds/Supernatural fic again. Finally. I'm not a big-shot fanfic queen, but ISAD has a small following, and those people deserve to get an ending. Hell, I deserve to get an ending...I'm so mad at me for not writing one yet. >.<

* Angel-focused Superlock story - I'm not even beginning an outline for this until the end of this season of SPN, due to wanting to include info on the Men of Letters, but I've been wanting to write a story about fallen angels in the Sherlock verse for years. And I want this fic to be a nice long chapter fic, so I can savor it.

* Nothing Ever Happens in Sioux Falls (WIP) - I've already started this SPN/Teen Wolf crossover, put up a tease of a chapter, and then hesitated when I realized that I wanted to know more about the Stilinski family. Now that Season 6A is complete, I'm ready to start back...as soon as I get some ISAD written first. I mean, I have about ten active WIP stories, and I plan to get back to them, but this one is at the top of my list.

Speaking of Teen Wolf...

* Wouldn't a Sterek story that starts like that show Awkward be fun?

* Pass It On - One day I will write that Teen Wolf season 2 Stiles/Allison/Scott re-write.

* One day I will also write that story where the last surviving member of a pack is a toddler and needs to be delivered to its pack-allies, the Hales.

One day I'll finish some of this crap...

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NCIS Abby Banner for "Final Draft" by Owlpockets

December 2nd, 2016 (12:17 am)

For the heroinebigbang, I had the chance to read a great short fic called "Final Draft" by peachpai (Owlpockets on AO3) and create a banner for the story. It was a wonderful character piece about my favorite NCIS character, Abby Scuito. Do check out the story and let the author know what you think.

Despite all her talents, Abby has fears that she'll never have a successful career without compromising her identity.

Art Notes: The background images were stock and the fonts used were Times New Roman and Rebel Heart. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Halloween! (A quick update + Weechester-Halloween art and the story it inspired)

October 31st, 2016 (11:58 pm)

Hey, friends! I hope you've all had a lovely Halloween! I had to work, but since I'm in retail, I had the chance to see all the superheroes, monster, princesses, and celebrities who dared to wander in for free candy. I, myself, decided to put a few feathers in my glasses and go as a store owl-sociate. The puns were strong with this one. Anyhow, I just thought I'd drop in and let you all know I'll be taking part in NaNoWriMo. I haven't decided if I'll update here (when I'm procrastinating) or if this place will become a dead zone for a month. We shall see... In the meantime, are any of you participating this year? I'm going back to the idea I wanted to work on last year, a Young Adult Supernatural Coming-of-Age story about friendship, dark magic, and being dead. Should be a hoot.

But, before we move into November, let me wish you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN with this Supernatural/Hocus Pocus fanart I created for spn_bigpretzel's reverse bang. The very wonderful zelda_addict wrote a story for this piece called "Better Than Trick-or-Treating" that you need to go read!

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