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Sticky: Fic Masterpost and Journal Intro

October 16th, 2020 (01:16 am)
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Thank you for venturing into my journal. Below are the fics I currently have up here. For more of my fanfiction, feel free to visit the links to your right. Or check the tags link to find art, icons, or search by fandom. Happy reading!

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ICONS: The ladies of the Harry Potter series

February 10th, 2016 (02:02 am)

For females20in20, I used the wonderful ladies of Harry Potter.
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I've got 99 problems, and...I've alphabetized them, because I'm a procrastinator

February 7th, 2016 (01:15 am)

No, not really. I'm not *that* nutty, right? Even if that does sound like a fun meme...

Anyhow, lately creating icons has become a fun way to procrastination when I'm supposed to be writing fics for two separate bangs. What's really messing with my head is the Teen Wolf Big Bang. I started with three solid ideas, all of them involving ships (which is rare for me, and, why, oh why couldn't I just go with a nice gen case-fic?):

(a.) Lydia/Stiles
(b.) Scott/Allison/Stiles
(c.) Derek Hale/Chris Argent.

At first I was really feeling the Stiles/Lydia vibes because I'm always feeling that ship when I'm watching the show (dodges Moon Pies thrown by my Sterek and Stalia friends--I love them all, guys). But, for some reason, it just wasn't flowing, so I moved on to my second option of Scott/Allison/Stiles, basically in an canon divergent what-if-they-hooked-up season 2 re-write...And now I'm stuck on it too. So I can either force out more on it or give option C a try. Because I've been talking about the UST between Chris and Derek for ages, but I've only ever written one tiny one-shot for that extremely under-populated ship. Oh, and did I mention that draft 1 is due at the end of the month? Heehee. Yeah. I might have procrastinated too long on project to save it. But the minimum is only 15k, which I've managed easily in the past...

I have no clue if I'm asking for advice on this subject or just venting about my inability to make decisions. Ask my friends, it takes me ten minutes to pick out a snack at the vending machine.

Back to the whole point of me posting tonight...I'm actually posting a promo for a fun looking icon community:


So, yeah, that whole giant paragraph at the top was unintended, but there you go. Fic probs, am I right?

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Art Masterpost: Some Things Are Brighter in the Dark, Dean/Castiel [SPNReverse]

My piece for the spn_reversebang this year was claimed by the lovely elizabeth1985ff, who wrote a long, beautiful (not to mention hot) Destiel story inspired by the piece.

Story Link: Some Things are Brighter in the Dark
Story Summary: Dean Campbell had an alright life. Nothing really to complain about. Well... except the seizures, and the general sensation that something was wrong. But then he crashed the Impala, and two days later an innocuous man moved in across the hall and everything changed. It was intense how he felt about Cas, this blue-eyed mysterious guy that said the strangest things. Dean fell for him so hard it was borderline insane. As much as it terrified him, Dean gave into it... let himself be happy. Of course, that was when it happened, when something shattered the lie. The mystery of his life had been solved, but what would it cost him?

Here's the artwork.

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Icons: Ellen Ripley from ALIEN

January 5th, 2016 (09:55 pm)

So, it occurred to me while I was watching ALIEN on Christmas day (yes, there's a Doctor Who reference in there), that I should really make some sort of fandom tribute for one of my biggest childhood heroines, Ellen Ripley. I don't know what it says about my parents, but I became obsessed with a VHS copy of ALIENS when I was around Newt's age. While I loved sneaking around to watch horror movies as a kid (seriously, Mom/Dad, do you know what kind of demented woman you raise when you give her access to Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, and Friday the 13th?), ALIENS was actually the only movie to scare me ("They bleed acid," is my end-all defense). Ripley was possibly the coolest woman I had ever seen in a movie (Sarah Connor coming in a close second). While I might have sang along with The Little Mermaid like most little girls, my idol could be found in space.

I have mixed feelings about this batch of icons, but I couldn't help but sit down and watch the special edition cut of ALIENS on Blu-ray as I finished them up.

Maybe, possibly, hopefully, there's another fan of Ripley out there who might enjoy these.

(P.S. You don't know how hard it was to not use profanity in my text.)

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Females 20 in 20 Icon Batch (with Christmas icons)

December 21st, 2015 (12:23 pm)

Had fun making a quick batch for the females20in20 December round. I know the Christmas ones have almost arrived too late, but maybe I'll get a chance to use them next year. As usual, feel free to use these.

1 Florence Welch
1 Holland Rolland
1 Stana Katic
2 Crystal Reed (1 as Allison Argent)
1 Eliza Dushku
1 Emma Thompson (as Elinor Dashwood)
1 Ella Fitzgerald
1 Crystal Ren
2 Kristen Bell (1 as Veronica Mars)
1 Sigourney Weaver (as Ripley)
1 Aisha Tyler
1 Karen Gillan
2 Jennifer Lawrence
1 Shirley Temple
1 Felicia Day
1 Troian Bellisario (as Spencer Hastings)
1 Alyson Hannigan

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Supernatural Christmas Icons!

December 9th, 2015 (01:29 am)

I needed an excuse to make Christmas icons, so I signed up for Round 15 at the spn20_20 comm, and make this special 15-icon set. I hope you enjoy :) Feel free to use them.

Since, this round was just "make 15 SPN Christmas icons", I made up some theme labels for my icon table...

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Fic: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Teen Wolf, Stiles/Peter, Explicit)

December 6th, 2015 (03:35 pm)

The Teen Wolf Fall Harvest story exchange challenge is finally at a close, so I can now reveal the story I wrote for BelleAmante (and I can later rec my favorite stories, including the wonderful one written for me). The prompt I chose from her delicious list of ideas was for a Peter/Stiles story exploring control and consent issues. I'd wanted to write something similar to this as soon as season 5A finished this summer, but the prompt shifted my focus in a good way. I've never written Peter/Stiles, but after reading a few fics for those two, the darkness that accompanies that ship seeped into my bones and wouldn't let me go. So, here it is, that story where Peter kidnaps Stiles...

Title: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: ~11k
Relationships: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Setting: Post-Episode: s05e10 Status Asthmaticus
Warning: Light Bondage, Control Issues, Non-Consensual Touching, Sexual Content, Dubious Consent

“Hello, Stiles.”

The recognition wasn’t instant, but the fear was. For a split second, he didn’t know why his whole body had frozen, his eyes widening, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. Then it hit him, the moment before he swiveled around and saw the werewolf standing behind him. That was Peter Hale’s voice.

Peter locked-in-a-cage Hale.

Fight or flight. Logically, he knew he should choose one, but he couldn’t. The first thought to pass through his head slipped out of his mouth.

“Who let you out?”

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Rectober: Teen Wolf *Long* Fic - Lost Boys Don't Cry by CranApplePye (Scott & Stiles)

October 31st, 2015 (09:12 pm)

I didn't get a chance to read many fics this month, and I have a long bookmarked lists of fics I want to read soon...But there was one fic I read at the beginning of this month that blew my socks off. I couldn't stop reading this story, and I was so sad when I finally reached the end, so, for one last "Rectober" rec, I obviously had to sing its praises.

This reccing challenge has been fun, and I'll definitely have to try and rec fic and art more often in the future.

banner by capitu

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Rectober: 3 Epic Supernatural Crossover Universes

October 21st, 2015 (04:09 pm)

banner by capitu

Okay, I think by now we've established my great love of both writing and reading crossovers, right? So, it's about time I share with you a few Supernatural crossovers that I consider "epic." Epic is a word that takes on so many different meanings in our modern world, so while these fics fit several of those definitions, I'd like to clarify that these tales are both super long (the smallest series ringing in at over 200k) and legendary (as if Winchesters weren't legendary already). For today's reccing, I have a Supernatural/Harry Potter series, a Supernatural/X-Men long-fic, and a Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Most of you will probably find these stories familiar (since a couple of the authors are actually on my f-list), but hopefully someone will find some new reading material here.

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