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Art and Rec: Castlevania (Lisa focused) for WIP Bang

My lovely PatriciaTepes finished her Castlevania story Youth & Innocence for the wipbigbang, and I'm so proud! She began it in 2009 as a series of one-shots focused on the life of Lisa Tepes. It now clocks in at 25k and is complete. For her work, I made her a hand drawn piece and then turned it into a title piece. You should check it out if you're interested in Lisa or the relationship between Lisa and Vlad.


Opinions Please! I want to host a Gen Fic Big Bang or Fest

So, I haven't been the most active person in fandom lately, but I am working on a rather old WIP, trying to finish it within the next few weeks. I've been considering starting a new  multi-fandom big bang or some sort of writing fest for gen fic, as in stories that don't focus on romantic relationships. There have been a couple great gen related bangs in the past for specific fandoms, like SPN, but I haven't seen any active recently. Here's where I need opinions: do you guys think anyone would show up for this type of bang or fest?  I'd like to host it both on LJ and maybe Tumblr (I don't hang on Tumblr much but I'm willing to give it a go) or a Facebook comm. Thoughts? Advice? 
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Hurt/Comfort Bingo Fills! Teen Wolf, Supernatural, SPN/Veronica Mars, & SPN/TW

Yay! I actually completed a hc_bingo line before amnesty! I almost always forget until the last minute and then rush to finish something...and that's what I did this year, but it actually worked out this time. I haven't individually posted these (Other than All the Sinners Crawl) on LJ yet, so I'm just going to share my post from the comm below. I may or may not decide to spotlight a few of these one-shots later, but for now...

Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Veronica Mars
H/C prompts: backrubs/massages, dub-con, loss of voice, gaslighting, sacrifice

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SPN Reverse Bang Art for "My Father's House" by Tyrsibs

So what do you do when you want to see some more Weechester & Uncle Bobby tales out there? You make sure your spn_reversebang art plants the right seed for an author. :D  And wow, I was so fortunate to have tyrsibs pick my doodle as inspiration! They're an amazing writer, and, oddly enough, I've made art for them before, so as soon as I saw their name, I knew they were going to write something right up my alley. Go check out their amazing gen fic "My Father's House" as soon as it's posted (I'll have a link and summary up later today or you can keep an eye out for us on the SPN-reversebang community). It's a fast read that packs a great punch in the feels, especially if you're a fan of Bobby Singer... And if you're not a fan of Bobby Singer, get off my yard!

Still there? Ok, well here's the original prompt art. When I created it, I wasn't sure which direction the author might go in, so I decided I labled it "Visiting Daddy." As soon as Tyrsibs told me what they were planning to write, I was so happy! And also so mad that it wasn't an actual canon ghost hunt, because I could so see that happening in a flashback episode.


Supernatural Fic: All the Sinners Crawl (Dean/Crowley, Explicit)

So, as usual, I'm behind on all of my fandom goals for the summer, but I did manage to finish this long one-shot for wipbigbang. It came in a bit shorter than expected, but at least it's finished. I swear I started it years ago, back when demon!Dean was fresh on my mind. I've always enjoyed a hint of Crowley/Dean, but not really explored it much in fan works. I was craving a nice, dark, character exploration with a hefty dose of smut, so...

Title: All the Sinners Crawl
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Crowley (mostly one-sided)
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Link : AO3
Wordcount: ~7k
Summary: It's always worked in the past, to some degree or another, using the boys. He's come to know them rather well, how their little hunter brains work, what motivates them. Dare he say it, but he might actually understand Dean Winchester. Late season 9/Early season 10

all sinners crawl.png
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Supernatural/Buffy Art - John Winchester/Joyce Summers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the images used of them.

I made this for spnpairingbingo with the intent of making it into a story banner for a short set of crossover oneshots I write a couple years back, but I'm still not sure where I want to go with the series and whether or not I want to rename it, so for now, here's my wallpaper for John Winchester/ Joyce Summers <3

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Art Post: It's a Dog's Life by Dizzojay

I haven't played in spn_bigpretzel's sandbox much lately, but I adore that comm, so when I noticed they were having Spring Fic Exchange art claims, I snatched up dizzojay's awesome story, "It's a Dog's Life." It has everything you'd want in a short SPN fic, hurt and comfort, boys cuddling a cute puppy, and a hilarious magical mishaps that's all for the best. :) Check it out.

Recipent: disneymagics
Author: dizzojay
Artist: twisted_slinky
Beta: jj1564
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena - and one other...!
Rating: T
Genre: Gen, humour
Word count: 5,000
Summary: It's a grumpy time in the bunker.
Dean's grumpy because he's broken his ankle, and it hurts. Sam's grumpy because he put his back out after carrying his great pie-stuffed lump of a brother back to the Impala, and it hurts.
Will the adorable little stray puppy Sam found shivering and crying beside the bunker help to lift the mood? Castiel thinks not.
The brothers think he should just shut his angelic pie hole!

Doodled my way through the art this time. Enjoy:

And here's an illustration of Dean holding the pup.

Dark Paths Big Bang is BACK!

Hey, f-list pals, our Big Bang Challenge over at darkpathsbang somewhat fizzled last year, so we'd love to get more participants this time around. If you'd know anyone who'd love to write a canon-divergent dark fic, let them know we're opening soon. Also, any ideas for promoting this event? Thanks and much love <3

Info and the 2019 schedule can be found HERE