twisted_slinky (twisted_slinky) wrote,

Opinions Please! I want to host a Gen Fic Big Bang or Fest

So, I haven't been the most active person in fandom lately, but I am working on a rather old WIP, trying to finish it within the next few weeks. I've been considering starting a new  multi-fandom big bang or some sort of writing fest for gen fic, as in stories that don't focus on romantic relationships. There have been a couple great gen related bangs in the past for specific fandoms, like SPN, but I haven't seen any active recently. Here's where I need opinions: do you guys think anyone would show up for this type of bang or fest?  I'd like to host it both on LJ and maybe Tumblr (I don't hang on Tumblr much but I'm willing to give it a go) or a Facebook comm. Thoughts? Advice? 
Tags: ~babblinglikewillow

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